The ultimate professional tool designed for the beauty, medical and aesthetic world.

The frozen, medical grade surgical steel Cryoglobes are used when frozen for an invigorating facial and body massage, which cools skin. The Cryoglobes remain cold for longer due to their design. The Cryoglobes cause vasoconstriction and excites cryo-microcirculation.

While beneficial on its own, this unique effect also allows other skincare products to better penetrate and rejuvenate your skin, working alongside other devices and treatments.

Wrinkles and fine lines

Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
are reduced.


Production of collagen resulting in
fuller, more youthful and beautiful
rejuvenated skin.


Puffiness around the eyes is
significantly reduced or totally


Pores on the face and neck are
reduced in size, limiting the intake of
toxins, dirt and grime.

Lymphatic system

Benefits the lymphatic system,
flushing away built up toxins, soothes
inflammation and irritation, removes
puffiness and redness.

Skin conditions

Skin conditions like Dermatitis, Eczema,
Acne and Psoriasis can be relieved.

Metabolic rate increases

Metabolic rate increases. Endorphin
levels are stimulated. After one
session you can see the reduction of
lines, puffiness and will experience a
clearer skin colour.


Join the cold revolution


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• Skin needling

• Face peels

• Microdermabrasion


• Waxing

• Laser

• Dermaplaning

• Facials

• Massages

• Semi-permanent makeup

• Coolifting gun

• Injectables

• Radio frequency

• Vein removal

Reduce inflammation

Boost cryostimulation of the skin

Smooths and tighten the skin

Removes toxins

Improve & enhance circulation to the skin’s surface

Minimise the appearance of large pores

Improve circulation in the skin – leaving a healthy glow

Use as an invigorating ice facial, lymphatic massage

Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

Reduce facial redness


A must have for all skin clinicians

See what our clients say

I have had full exclusivity of the Lipocontrast machine in my area for coming up 2 years now. The Treatment has been phenomenal for our clients with many returning for repeat appointments. The financial income investing in the equipment and training has made to my business has been amazing. With correct marketing strategies I have ensured that the machine works around 30-40 hour week whilst also running a fully booked column of our other treatments beside the Lipo machine. It has been a game changer to our salon and I am excited to now look towards investing in another machine with the duo heads soon.
Purchasing the Lipocontrast machine from Cryosthetics has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made to date! Would highly recommend purchasing, and are looking forward to next adding the cryopen after reading such good reviews.Rebecca Jaynes
Purchased the cool lift gun for my salon and it’s been amazing, clients are loving it, I’m still amazed by some of the results we’re getting. Worth of mouth is bringing clients in and even clients who have only ever had eyebrow waxes are having treatments.Lesley Powell
I have just recently purchased and trained in Cryopen treatments and I have to say that I am very impressed with the Company as a whole. The training was first class and the ongoing service and the customer care is second to none.Debbie Tate
Amazing service delivering my much needed cartridges next day!Laura Elizabeth Cheeseman
Great products, services and customer support! Happy to recommend to any salon or client…Thank you to Tracey Loughrey and the Cryosthetics team for your ongoing training and supportTamara Bonnar
Thank you Tracey and Ashling for a superb day’s training with the CryoPen. Comprehensive and professional. Looking forward to getting results and satisfied clients!Lucy Carty
This treatment has helped my little girl so much. She’s happy again. She had warts on her hands and skin tags on her face, now her face is clearing up and warts are coming off.Teresa Bates
Loves the Cryopen and cryosthetics! Great training, great after care support, great results for our clients and great investment for us as a business.Binita Shah
Thank you Tracey for a very informative and impressive training day! Really enjoyed it and look forward to using my cryopen, these ladies were so warm, friendly and helpful and i was so impressed with every part of it!Luci Hayes-Bruce
Tracey and her team at CRYOSTHETICS are passionate and caring with a “cannot do enough to help you” attitude to help you build your business with their treatments and products. I highly recommend their Cryotherapy, Cool lifting & Lipocontrast treatments which have all increased the profit at my clinic.Chris Wade

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